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Full Moon Gemstone Healing Workshop

In this workshop, we're combining healing crystals and jewelry making with a full moon ritual. The goal is to boost the power of your intentions and the process of personal change.

The full moon prompts us to reflect on things. It pushes us to let go of what's no longer helpful so we can make room for better things ahead. By acknowledging what's holding us back, we open the door to inner healing, cleansing, and renewal.

DATE: Thursday, September 28th


STUDIO LOCATION: 378 Oakridge Dr., Auburn, AL.

  • You will create through a simple, step by step instruction the Energy Seeker Necklace. 

  • Explore Earth's gifts through energy stones and experience fresh and colorful foods.
  • Be lead through a guided meditation under the full moon.
  • Receive mindfulness intention cards for the next moon cycle.

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