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Creativity is our language as humans and a way for us to find connection to ourselves and one another- Creativity lives in each of us, and to express it to the fullest, we must work at it. Creative events and workshops are ways for us to find our creative voices and explore the benefits of developing those creative habits through hands-on activities.

Creative Events

Botanic & Well Red

The purpose of these events are to make art more accessible to everyone-goal is fellowship-community, having fun and playing, learning new activities. Finding inspiration in creativity and spending time with family and friends. The inner life we cultivate becomes a direct channel to our creativity.  

These are focused on jewelry skills and technique. A deeper dive for those who want to learn the skills involved in jewelry design.

  • workshops offer a unique and hands-on learning experience- learn a very specific technique or skill.

  • ability to work with a variety of materials and tools, which can be both fun and educational.
  • workshops offer a collaborative and creative environment, where participants can learn from    one another, exchange ideas and gain inspiration.
  • learning a new skill can be rewarding, leading to a sense of accomplishment.

  • creativity is a resource, the more you work at it the more it reproduces.


Build your own workshops

These would be similar to the creative events. The goal is to keep them playful and approachable to wider audiences. Giving people the opportunity to experience creativity and build community. Creativity is a muscle we must use to get stronger-we’ll build on connections and ideas.

Who is this for?

If you are a company, an organization, or a large group feel free to reach out.

Who should customize a party? 

Groups looking for a fun way to be together centered around hands-on-activity  and create a lasting memory and a keepsake to mark the gathering.

What can I make?

  1. Put a rock on it—there would be several options from necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.  

  2.  Engraving Bar—several options for engraving from necklaces and bracelets

  3. Wire-wrapping Event–several options with earrings and rings.
  4. Geometric Earring Event-several options for necklaces and earrings.

Let’s work together to create an event together!

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